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Building brands that are fit for purpose, through a foundation of strength and flexibility, to allow them to perform consistnently to achieve their end goal. 

The main goal with any strength gaining programme is to develop the support and confidence required to be able to perform consistently in different situations. Strength building has its foundation in function, not just aesthetics or a limited focus.

So, we approach branding with the same philosophy - not simply focusing on ‘looks’ with no substance, but building a solid core of ideas, processes and strategies, as well as a creative visual identity.

Each component of the brand can be broken down, analysed, and rebuilt to allow it progress more effectively and efficiently as a whole. This is achieved by defining 3 distinct areas: Brand Aestetics (Visual identity and core elements), Brand Performance (brand positioning, engagement etc.), and Brand Nutrition (messaing, social content, company processes etc.)


transforming brands with our
brand-fit™ methodology

Using our 'fitness'-based approach, we are able to target specific areas of a brand with design and strategic lead solutions to strengthen its position in the market, enhance overall performance, and increase brand-confidence.


Our Process

Increasing your strength starts with developing your core, be it in a gym or in your company. 

Drawing on experience from a number of industry sectors, we bring fresh perspectives and ideas, be it visual or strategic, closely working with you to develop your brand from it's core, out. Building these areas strategically gives you - and your brand - the confidence to rise to any challenge, rather than just 'looking good' with no substance. 


Our first step is to put you through a Prowler Test™ to assess your current brand-fitness level. Using these results, and our own research, a personal brand-workout plan is created to enable your brand transformation, whether in one area or across the brand as a whole. Every plan is specifically tailored for each brand we partner with, rather than a one size fits all approach. From here, we are able to tackle the strategic side of the brand first, with exercises such as a ‘Core Workout’ and ‘Mirror Selfie’, before moving the visual side, making sure the brand looks as good as possible.


By partnering with you, we are invested every step of the way from the first consultation until launch. And don't worry, the are no sit-ups!


Voltaine Creative was founded to build brands for daring clients - combining my passions for branding, design, and strength fitness. 

Our work has seen a wide global audience, helping brands stand out and lead in their chosen field.

Our Brand-Fitness™ strategy enables us to treat each brand we partner with in the same way a coach would work with a strength athlete, ensuring we tailor our solutions to a client’s individual goals and journeys, regardless of size or industry.

We work with driven individuals with a passion for what they do, who dare to think big.

My motivation isn’t fame, or awards, or adoration - so you have my full attention. All I ask in return is the same level of commitment. 

Drop us a message to get started on your brand transformation.


Matt Hall

brand consultant
founder - voltaine creative


About Matt

Matt Hall is a brand consultant, designer, strategist, and founder of branding and design consultancy Voltaine Creative. 

Beginning as a freelancer back in 2012, Matt has worked across a wide range of industry sectors, learning his craft working with brands, businesses, and government officials covering  3 continents, developing his skills in graphic design, brand strategy, and brand identity creation.

Over the last 10 years, Matt has worked with over 90 international clients, and desgined more than 70 workout and nutrition ebooks for some of the world’s top fitness influencers. There is a good chance if you bought a workout guide over the last few years, it was designed by Matt. 

When not staring at a screen, Matt’s is a dedicated gym goer, mixing static and functional strength - and has the shoulders to prove it. He is also a keen quizzer, theatre goer, cyclist, car nut, and supporter of UK Strongmen and Strongwomen. 

He also holds the unofficial - and admittedly quite niche - title of the "World’s Biggest Brand Consultant". Please, there’s no need for applause.

Selected Clients

Ability Consult


Brookbanks Estate Agents

Dartford Grammar School

Evolve Pensions

Krisst Cela

Optimal Training


Tone & Sculpt App

XII Estates

Faithorn Farrell Timms


Government of Ras Al Khaimah

Investors In People

Kingsway Group Global


“ Working with Matt Hall Creative has benefitted our business with web design, promotions and document branding as Matt listens to our requests, adds his own diverse thinking and comes up with designs at a sensible price with a speedy turnaround. ”

Paul bannister  |  CEO - Evolve Pensions

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