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Hairspray: The Musical


Dartford Grammar School

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Poster Design

Set Design

We were approached by Dartford Grammar School to design the poster for their summer production of 'Hairspray', as well as assist with the set design.

Everyone is familiar with the flat 2D design synonymous with the Broadway and West End productions, so we were keen to do something different, whilst staying true to the story of the show and it’s themes. 


Taking inspiration from the “Corny Collins Show” set, we created a standalone 3D title that can be incorporated onto the new poster, as well as social media and marketing items. The different shapes within the title graphic are deliberately close and together, referencing the final act of the Hairspray, where people from all backgrounds mix, integrate, and come together. This also provided a recognisable shape that could be incorporated into the show’s set design. 

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