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Award-winning surveying and property consultancy, Faithorn Farrell Timms LLP, provide professional services to the housing, education, blue light, leisure and private sectors.

During the course of our relationship with FFT, we refreshed their brand identity with new visuals to celebrate their 20 years of business. Working closely with FTT, we took their existing logo as a starting point, using its distinctive shapes to inform all aspects of the design.​


Our first job was to focus on creating a more personal feel to the brand, steering away from the normal cold corporate imagery typical in other companies in the industry.

The new photography used throughout strikes the right balance of buildings and people to projects confidence with a strong emphasis in the client. We were also keen to include staff headshots on all case studies, reports and flyers to continue to build that interaction between the FFT and their customers, creating that personal feel and a more memorable experience.

In addition, we have created a series of new logos and identities for different areas of the business, as well as their official 'FFT20' logo. Taking FFT's brand values, we have created a confident and engaging identity with flexibility to work in all parts of the business.

FFT20 logo blue banner
FFT20 logo in grey
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