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Brand Identity

Ability Consult logo in pink
Recruitment brand business cards in turquoise

/ The digital recruitment solution

Ability Consulting is a leading staffing consultancy specialising in the delivery of Digital, Technology and Creative professionals across the UK.

We were asked to develop a fresh approach for the new company's branding, and to provide a strong foundation to build on going forward.


By creating a monogram out of the 'ili', we were able to highlight the customer focused nature of Ability's service offering, as well as the competitive nature of the recruitment sector. We chose a clear and bold typeface to create the logo, opting for lowercase to give a youthful and energetic feel.

Ability Consult logo on yellow background
Blue Ability icon geometric drawing
Hand drawing geometric Ability logo on a notebook

The monogram serves as a great shorthand for the brand itself, providing a strong, recognisable identity that can be used throughout Ability's marketing strategy.

The bright colour palette allowed us to continue the clear and youthful feel to the branding, as well as giving us flexibility to use the new branding in different situations. We coupled the new identity with a striking corporate image to create more of an impact. The top-view image of hands gripping a red coffee mug, gives a trustworthy and inclusive feel to the brand.

“ Matt was great from the get-go! He listened, gave great opinions and shared his knowledge. Friendly and responsive. Matt created a brand that we're super happy with and I'd fully recommend him. ”

Aaron Li  /  Director - Ability COnsult

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