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We transform brands through our fitness based methodology


Building brands that are fit for purpose, through a foundation of strength and flexibility, to allow them to perform consistnently to achieve their end goal. 

Using our 'fitness'-based approach, we are able to target specific areas of a brand with design and strategic lead solutions to strengthen its position in the market, enhance overall performance, and increase brand-confidence. 

We dont simply focusing on ‘looks’ with no substance, but build a solid core of ideas, processes and strategies, as well as a creative visual identity.

Our Brand-Fitness™ strategy enables us to treat each brand we partner with in the same way a coach would work with a strength athlete, ensuring we tailor our solutions to a client’s individual goals and journeys, regardless of size or industry.

Matt Hall

Founder  |  Brand Consultant

Matt is a brand designer, strategist, consultant, and founder of branding & design agency Voltaine Creative. 

Starting as a freelance designer back in 2012, Matt has worked across a wide range of industry sectors, developing his skills in graphic design, brand strategy, and brand identity creation with brands, businesses, and government officials covering 3 continents.

Entirely self-taught, Matt has designed, partnered and consulted with some of the world’s most recognisable brands and individuals, including Investors In People, Anthony Joshua, Lawrence Shahlaei, Krissy Cela, and Shreddy. He has also designed more than 70 workout and nutrition ebooks for some of the world’s top fitness influencers - so, there is a good chance if you bought a workout guide over the last few years, it was designed by Matt. 

When not staring at a screen, Matt’s is a dedicated gym goer, mixing static and functional strength. He is also a keen quizzer, theatre goer, cyclist, car nut, and supporter of UK Strongmen and Strongwomen. 

He also holds the unofficial - and admittedly quite niche - title of the "World’s Biggest Brand Consultant". Please, there’s no need for applause.


Our Clients

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