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Dartford Grammar School

Bugsy Malone

Bugsy Malone, a splurge filled romp through the gagster riddled streets of 1920's New York. Dartford Grammar School were looking for a completely new approach to their production. 




Production Graphics, Marketing Material, Props and Set Decoration, Video Production

Bugsy Malone and Blowsey Brown on stage

The rivalry of Fat Sam and Dandy Dan at the heart of the story provided the inspiration for much of the initial concepts, using 'juxtaposition' as a theme throughout the show's design.

Leading with a completely fresh take on the 'Bugsy Malone' logo, the notions of classic elegance of the Gatsby era were allowed to come through, whilst still staying true to the overall theme. The rounded 'Bugsy' letters contrast nicely with the angular shapes of the buildings sitting above, as well as symbolising the above vs underground culture prevalent at the time.

Golden optical glare on Bugsy Malone title logo
Hand drawn sketch of Bugsy Malone title logo

The juxtaposition theme conitinues with the logos for Dandy Dan and Fat Sam, Dan's being rounded and modern, with Sam's being more old-fashioned and angular.

Dandy Dan's rounded shape draws it's inspiration from the barrell of the splurge gun, while the idea for Sam's double square we took from the double table cloths in his speakeasy. Both were the incorporated on a number of costumes and throughout the set, and heavily influenced the two-half aspect of the stage's design.

Dandy Dan logo
Fat Sam logo

The set incorporated two large LCD screens for the first time, displaying a variety of graphics and videos produced to compliment the action on stage.

This allowed signage for Perito's Bakery, Slugger's Gym and a number of other items to be easily incorporated into the set without the need for any construction, freeing up build - time for the set and providing a flexible way to enhance the action on stage.

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