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Dartford Grammar School

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Poster Design

Set Design

We were approached by Dartford Grammar School to design the poster for their summer production of Guys and Dolls, as well as assist with the set design and construction.

Having previously worked with DGS on their Bugsy Malone production a few years prior, we wanted to approach this project with fresh eyes, and ensure that the two posters had a very different look despite the two shows having very similar settings.


Rolling the dice, we created a unique stand-alone title graphic, drawing inspiration from the neon sings and bright colour palettes of 1920/30’s Time Square. This is teamed with a red baize background, with the strapline placed underneath the main logo. The main graphic incorporates custom fonts and graphic elements, reflecting the different points in the story arc. This allows for a flexible design, so the various components to be used together or separately. 

The design was mirrored in the production's set design, with the addition of red velvet curtains, ‘Guys And Dolls’ text elements, and circle of bulbs forming the main focal point.  

Guys & Dolls neon title logo
Hand drawn Guys & Dolls logo
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