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Ingirda Radevic Women's Coach new branding with a toned personal trainer standing with her arms folded.









​​We were tasked by former pro athlete and top fitness coach Ingrida Radevic to rebrand her coaching business, Ingrida Fitness – planting the seed so it can continue to grow.

Our approach was to create a brand that was truly personal i.e. something that no one else could have, rather than just making a personal brand. We were also keen to shift the focus of the brand away from Ingrida as a physique competitor and former pro athlete, towards Ingrida as a coach.

To achieve this, we went back to basics, working with Ingrida to define a new target audience, core values, brand purpose, messaging and brand personality – all reflecting Ingrida and her coaching style. We also developed a new mission statement to be clear about what the brand stands for – Helping women stay fit, look good, & and have a life.

Ingirda Radevic Women's Coach new branding with a toned personal trainer standing with her arms folded.

​The brand is built around the idea of a flower - inspired by the rose tattoo on Ingrida’s wrist. Representing growth and femininity, it fit perfectly with the new brand, and gave us a central theme to tie each component together. It also allowed us to recreate her tattoo has a paint swipe graphic, to be used as part of the visual identity.

The new logo continues with the floral theme, combining two abstract shapes inspired by two flowers – two different shapes to show everyone is unique. They symbolise the collaborative and supportive approach to Ingrida’s coaching, with the two shapes working together to form the letters “I” & “F”. to further reinforce the idea of a brand that’s personal, we took the new colour palette from a picture of Ingrida on holiday, reinforcing the idea of truly ‘personal’ brand .

A website mockup for a fitness coaching website, showing a toned, women's fitness coach ina  adark green outfit
Empowerment. Growth. Freedom. Brand values for Ingrida Fitness as part of a new brand strategy designed by Voltaine Creative
Some exmaple instagram posts for the new Ingrida Fotness branding designed by Voltaine Creative
Colour palette for the new Ingrida Fitness branding, designed by Voltaine Creative

The brand's values are simple and to the point, reflecting Ingrida’s direct style - "Empowerment", "Growth", and "Freedom". Similarly, we are very open about the brand’s target audience and who Ingrida wants to work with - women aged 20-50, looking for sustainable, long term results. No men. No competitors. No quick fixes.

By being this specific who Ingrida wanted to work with, along with new photos from the amazing Fiona Chandler focusing on Ingrida and her clients, we were able to create a community feel around the brand, that clients and followers want to be a part of so they can continue to blossom.

Some example instagram posts showing Ingrida Radevic coaching clients in the gym
business card for Ingrida Fitness designe dby Voltaine Creative
5 instagram reel cover images for branding
brand guidelines for Ingrida Fitness
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