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Krissy Cela

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/ Toning & Sculpting a new approach

Top personal trainer, Women's Best athlete, and Instagram influencer Krissy Cela was looking to give her series of online training guides a workout.


The goal was to create a collection og bespoke, easy-to-read documents that clearly imparted Krissy's wisdom, and also appealed to her dedicated 'familia' of followers. The full suite of plans lead with eye-catching covers, heavily using the fantastic pictures supplied by Krissy, adding in a superset of a bold colour palette on each. A brand new 'KC' logo was created, along with a collection of 5 new instagram icons, to complete the initial package.

blue Krissy Cela logo on a white hoodie
white krissy cela logo on a blue background

With the launch of the Tone & Sculpt App in Jan 2019, we consulted on fonts, colour palette and general look for the new app, to keep Krissy's newly developing branding consistent across all products.

The 'KC' icon was put through it's own workout, and updated slightly so it would work more effectively within the application. The bright blue gradient background provides a great building block for the branding going forward, as well as crucially standing out in the crowded app market.

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