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Ellie Meadows Miss Motivator branding by Voltaine Creative









We worked with top fitness coach Ellie Meadows to develop her ‘Miss Motivator’ brand, creating a unique brand identity, celebrating Ellie’s ‘Positive Lifestyle. Positive Mind’ mission, as well as exploring wider opportunities for the brand and its continued development. 

In an age of ever more fitness ‘influencers’ popping up and vying for customer’s attention, our aim was to create a brand that was bold and energetic, without being cutesy; that was truly personal to Ellie, amplifying all the qualities she has an individual to a much wider audience; and that made people feel good, and something they wanted to be a part of. 

From our initial chats with Ellie, it was clear that there was no long-term goal for the brand, so we wanted to build something that not only works now, but that can be scaled and adapt in the future depending on what opportunities open up.

Fitness Coach Ellie Meadows doing the splits infront of the Miss Motivator brand slogan, Positive Lifestyle Positive Mind.
Social media posts for Ellie Meadows Miss Motivator designed by Voltaine Creative

Our starting point was to develop the brand’s mission statement, target audience, and values, as well as finding a voice for the new messaging. We took a caption from one of Ellie’s social media posts, ‘Let’s do this Kings and Queens' as our inspiration. ‘Kings and Queens’ provided the perfect community name for Ellie’s clients, and is used extensively throughout the new identity. The brand’s voice is proactive and direct, as well as humorous and cheeky, reflecting Ellie’s personality. We were able to achieve this by using two primary fonts, ‘Acumin’ and ‘Network’, with the later being used in a graffiti style.  

Go smash this week Kings & Queens socia media posts for Ellie Meadows Miss Motivator designed by Voltaine Creative
My Story social media post or Ellie Meadows Miss Motivator designed by Voltaine Creative
You've Got This social media post for Ellie Meadows Miss Motivator designed by Voltaine Creative
carousel instagram post featuring personal trainer Ellie Meadows Miss Motivator
social media posts showing fitness transformations for Ellie Meadows Miss Motivator designed by Voltaine Creative
instagram posts promoting fitness classes hosted by Ellie Meadows Miss Motivator
Personal trainer Ellie Meadows sitting infornt of  Kings and Queens graphic wearing pink leggings

For the new visuals, we again wanted to make sure these had personal touches specific to Ellie. The graffiti-style font and graphics take inspiration from Ellie’s tattoos, allowing us to inject personality and dynamism throughout the new identity, while maintaining consistency. Red as the primary brand colour is a nod to Ellie's distinctive red hair, which we complimented with a colour palette of pink and purple, infusing the brand with vibrancy and individuality. The new messaging also has a more personal tone, as though Ellie was speaking directly to you, amplifying the connection she has her clients to a much wider following, as well as letting potential clients know what it’s like working with her. 

image collage of a personal trainer with red hair dressed in pink performing exercises in the gym
Personal trainer Ellie Meadows adjusting her red hair in front of graffiti written text
3 instagram stories showing personal trainer Ellie Meadows Miss Motivator in the gym

As part of an ongoing consultancy, we also assisted with social media planning and content creation. We wanted Ellie to be the focus of the new branding, rather than her logo, so the emphasis throughout social media and printed items reflects this. With new brand specific imagery and videos, we were also able to create a feeling of movement throughout the new identity, referencing Ellie’s background as a dancer and marital artist, as well as her trait of never standing still. We also gave these new media items a more candid feel rather than being overly posed, to again stand out from others in the industry, as well as feel more relatable to potential clients. The new Miss Motivator logo is in a handwritten style, to again give a personal feel, as well as emphasise the idea of movement. It also incorporates a small heart, referencing ‘positive’ in the mission statement, which is used throughout the new identity.  

multiple personal trainer flyers designed by Voltaine Creative for Ellie Meadows Miss Motivator
personal trainer business cards designed by Voltaine Creative for Ellie Meadows Miss Motivator
billboard featuring a personal trainer holding dubbells de Ellie Meadows Miss Motivatorsigned by Voltaine Creative for
YouTube thumbnail images featuring a personal trainer with bright red hair and a pink sports bra
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