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​Functional strength coach Simon Bennett provides life-changing training, empowering both men and women to overcome their self-limiting beliefs, through his Optimal Training brand.

Putting him through a Prowler Test, showed us he had all the right qualities to take the brand forward, but weren’t being used to their full potential, because of a lack of direction, and lack of confidence. Our aim from working with Simon was to firstly, build his credibility, reputation, and respect within the industry, and secondly, take his personality, in particular his interaction with clients, and amplify that across all the various brand touchpoints.

Collage of Optimal Training posters with runes grpahics and images of Simon Bennett

​​For the overall theme for the brand, we looked to Viking philosophy and culture, something that Simon is passionate about and follows. This fit perfectly with the Optimal Training’s Outlaw personality, and the new approach we were keen to take with this type of fitness brand.

From research, it was clear that shapes and colours had great significance, along with the meaning and usage of Runes – which have been part of Viking culture since the first century. Working closely with Simon and drawing on his knowledge and experience, we incorporated as many of these elements as we could throughout the new visual identity, and more importantly, the new strategy.


We also gave Simon a new job title, switching from ‘personal trainer’ to ‘Functional Strength Coach’, differentiating him from others in a heavily populated industry, and providing clarity with a relevant and specific job title.

Simon standing in front of a concrete wall with text saying "Educate men and women to overcome their self limiting beleifs".
holding a phone displaying the optimal training logo
noble virtues poster by optimal training
Collage of Instagram posts for Optimal Training branded by Voltaine Creative
Optimal Training website with branding by Voltaine Creative
black business cards
red hoodie with slogan

​From working with Simon, it was clear that his clients were a big part of his business success, so we wanted to include them in the new branding, by giving them their own identity within it.

‘Drengr’ was a young warrior, starting off on their journey to become the ultimate fighter. We felt this related to Optimal Training’s clients pretty well. Working with Optimal Training is about them going on a journey to discover new techniques, exercises, increased confidence, and knowledge so they can become the ultimate version of who of they want to be.

Their ‘Drengr Mark’ combines 4 runes inside a segmented circle, those for Warrior, Power, Partnership and Growth. The segmented circular design emulates a Viking shield, which were circular, with coloured segments. With this Drengr mark, Simon’s clients are symbolically protected throughout their journey with him.

As Simon’s clients progress through their training, they may be eligible to join our ‘Elite’ Group. The Elites also have their own visual identity, a logomark based on the Optimal Training circle and weapon design, allowing them to have their own branded products and challenges within the brand.

drengr logo
Brand guidelines for Optimal Training
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