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Launching in 2015, XII Estates is one of London's most dynamic property rental agents, working with landlords to provide guaranteed rent package for stress free residential property investment within the London area.

From the outset, the solution was a simple black and white design, with a more luxury feel. We wanted to give XII a professional and respectable, as well as youthful and approachable identity, suitable for both landlords and tenants alike. The blue highlight is combined with the more traditional black and white to create an engaging identity that maintains a level of seriousness.

When selecting imagery for the brand, we wanted to create the right mix of corporate, tenant and landlord themes. We combined selections of young professionals, and more affluent, but still achievable properties, to demonstrate XII as a professional, client-led business.

4 young professionals relaxing in a modern flat
XII Estates logo
XII Estates logo
A bright busy london street with young professionals
a young professional couple talking holding a cup of tea
2 page spread of XII Landlord Guide
Landlord Guide front cover
A young couple signing a contract
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